The design team at Pucci’s Palace constantly strives to create the finest products in doggie comfort.  Currently, we feature our innovative designer dog beds to give your four-legged family member the ultimate in relaxation.  Don’t they deserve a bed that integrates comfort with style and functionality?  Now you can offer your beloved pet the same level of comfort that you require for yourself, and all other members of your family.

We offer two distinct styles: traditional headboard/footboard and platform, both of which are available in mini, twin, queen and king sizes.  Our complete bed packages include the following:

  • Style #1: headboard, footboard, rails, waterproof mattress and fitted sheet.
  • Style #2: platform bed, waterproof mattress and fitted sheet.

Note: Each component of these packages can also be sold separately. 
Our pet beds are available in the following types of wood and finishes:

Oak (raised grain)

  1. Chestnut (medium tone) finish

Alder (flat grain)

  1. Natural finish
  2. Mahogany (dark red) finish
  3. Brown finish
  4. Black finish
  5. Chocolate Brown

Our pet mattress is made of human-grade quality, completely waterproof, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, surrounding a five-inch reflex foam core for added comfort. Our sheets are also made with your beloved pet’s comfort in mind.  Constructed of 100% cotton, each sheet is scoured first in boiling water to disinfect and soften.  With a 210-thread count, your pet will luxuriate in these fitted, all-natural sheets made with no dyes, chemicals, bleaches or resins.

Give your four-legged family member the same level of comfort that you enjoy yourself.  With Pucci’s Bed, now your pet will have a most sumptuous place to relax, nap and sleep in ultimate comfort.

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