At Pucci’s Palace, we believe that every dog should be given just as much kindness, affection and joy as they give us, everyday.  Our dogs are more than simply our pets; they’re our everyday companions, our confidants and mostly importantly, our family. 
Pucci’s Palace is devoted to the principal that dogs are essentially our children, dependent on us to provide for all their basic needs and to give them love and support.  Like any family member, they deserve to be comforted, loved and assured that they’re a vital part of our families.

Keeping this in mind, Pucci’s Palace offers unique pet furniture created exclusively for our beloved dogs.  Designed with both style and functionality in mind, Pucci’s designer dog beds are a scaled-down version of your own, complete with quality wooden bed frame, dog-friendly mattress and bed coverings.  Now all members of your family can sleep in comfort and peace – the way it should be.  Our pet armoire's are stylishly designed and are available in the same finishes as Pucci's beds.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona with branch offices in New York City, Pucci’s Palace, an online wholesale/retail pet boutique, was founded to provide quality pet products to buyers who know that dogs are more than merely pets: they’re family.

Founded by devoted dog lovers Phyllis and Denise, Pucci’s Palace offers canine enthusiasts the latest in luxury pet furniturepet gift baskets and pet accessories.  In honor of Phyllis’ treasured cocker spaniel, Sir Pucci, Pucci’s Palace was established for those who live to provide their four-legged children with all of the unconditional love, comfort and affection that they provide us.
Our flagship product, Pucci’s Bed, is designed to provide your beloved dog the same level of comfort you’d give to any member of your family.  A human-style dog bed complete with sturdy bed frame, dog-friendly mattress and water-proof bed coverings, Pucci’s Bed is a beautiful combination of style and functionality.

Throughout our website, you'll see pictures of Phyllis’ and Denise’s adored family members.  In addition to Sir Pucci, Phyllis’ other children include Jesse and Zachary, both cocker spaniels, as well as Christopher, an American Eskimo.  And, featured in Pucci's Bed is Phyllis' beautiful niece, Phoebe. Denise’s black lab mix, Bailey also kindly graces our pages.

We'll be adding many more pet produts soon!  Check our New Arrivals page frequently to get the latest in dog-centric comfort and style!

Dogs are not simply pets: they’re our friends, companions and family members.  Here at Pucci’s Palace, we are devoted to providing quality pet products for your four-legged family members and the same unconditional support and love that they give us everyday.  We encourage other dog enthusiasts to give their dogs the love and treatment they deserve..!


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